father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice
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  • » Matthew Bosch Ride For Cancer (bludge): A journey to commemorate 20 years since my son died
  • » Mordechai (Mordechai): Poem
  • » Neverending (Named4): Musings on life, mine
    • I'm baaack: Hello everyone, it's been ages since I was here but I'll try to be more faithful. O.K. since I was here last we have moved out to Maroubra, or did I say that already. Anyway, we are living quite near the beach in a three bedroomed unit in a block... [more]
    • I walk in the shadow of death: [image removed] I walk in the shadow of death; Darkness envelopes me as a purple cape, A Princess; I had expected death to be bright: And had left the lantern at the gate… Magpies chatter and swoop snapping at my ears, So bir... [more]
    • Terror - unshared meaning.: It was the night after my surgery and they had returned me to the ward; except it was like no other that I had seen before! There were trees with large seeds growing out of the wall; they were a very dark brown as though they were dead wood painted... [more]
    • Blended Moments: A Sulphur crested cockatoo lay enmeshed in the grass ahead of him, moving closer the white plastic bag, ragged and worn, began to move with the wind… It had been a long day and many things were not as they seemed – as though someone ... [more]
    • Cornered.: *Cornered.* Cornered, the paint still wet on my brush! Backed in & halfway about, My mind without! All my senses on vacation, Witless nonsense, my mushy mind rears its sluggish self To find I had left me on the shelf! Filed away, ... [more]
    • Andrew's Story 2only awaits the disciple's query.: Once I was able to separate God from his/her church; once I realised the true value of Scripture, and the place that human history and the quest for knowledge have as a part of faith, I dared to be set free from that iron maiden of a God bequeathed... [more]
    • Andrew's Story -: "ANDREW'S STORY" * Written for Lois May as a chapter in Transgender Journey's PROLOGUE It was Palm Sunday, and as Andrew stood at the altar, a man among men, to read the role of Peter in the Passion, he thought about the parallel event just f... [more]
    • The Sea: A dozen, dozen waves crashed against the sand, each tide encroaching further up the beach until the time that the unlooked for Tsaumi obliterates even the hills. Sunlight dazzled upon water like so many fireflies as birds dived for fish thrown up... [more]
    • A child named Anne: Here I was a girl, Anne, at 5 weeks old, my father plainly proud of me. Now here I am at 54, a grandfather with much further to go. We don't know who we are at this age, or where we are, just that when we cry our next meal comes,or not. Our p... [more]

father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice