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Mothers Day 2008

Sunday, May 11th 2008 @ 7:53 AM    post viewed 1123 times

Today, 11 May, was Mothers Day in Oz (Australia). My family enjoyed a picnic at Centenial Park (google map, park web site) .

Centenial Park is large area of public parkland near central Sydney. There would have been 10s of thousands of people enjoying the park today but so much space to spread out that it didn't feel at all crowded (except when driving around looking for a parking spot).

Our favourite activity at the park is feeding the ducks. We make a point of saving all the crusts off our loaves of bread and every six months or so we take them to Centenial Park to feed the ducks - and Ibis and Water Hen and eels and big carp and the occasional turtle. Below are a few pictures of our picnic

Feeding the ducks, etc:


My daughter Hannah, son Cameron and wife Julie.


Our base of operations - Hannah, my mother Sylvia, Cameron, and me (feeding Cameron whipped cream):


A soccer ball (football) is never far away from Cameron:


Cameron & Hannah feeding ducks and a turtle:


The turtle:


I hope everyone else enjoyed a great Mothers Day with their families.