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Douglas Pyeatt


Addressing the meth crisis.

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Meth, Ice ... Crystal=DEATH
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There is always hope.

Wednesday, June 18th 2008 @ 12:47 AM    post viewed 1713 times

I remember the first time that I actually experienced the devastating effects of methamphetamine.  While serving as a local law enforcement officer in the great state of Montana, USA I was assigned the task of transporting a 20 year old male prisoner by the name of Mike to a dentist appointment.  During my briefing I learned that Mike had been incarcerated for theft and drug related offenses, specifically meth.  Mike was a cheerful guy who readily described his plight stating that he was to have several teeth extracted due to meth addiction complications.  At that time I was unaware that tooth decay was all part of the meth addiction equation.  However, after sitting through an hour long dentist appointment where poor young Mike bled, cried, screamed and finally presented a smile of relief that was shy of nine teeth I was one step closer to understanding the tragedy that most simply refer to as ice.

Since that time I have left employment with that local department and now work as a federal agent for the United States.  I still reside in Montana and have witnessed Montana's methamphetamine problem expand to the point of near catastrophic levels.  In 2005 Montana ranked fifth in the nation for meth abuse, 50% of Montana's inmates were incarcerated for meth and 50% of foster-care admissions were meth-related.  During that same time I estimate that 90% of my federal investigations within the State of Montana either directly or indirectly involved methamphetamine.  Needless to say, things looked bleak.

As of April 2008 Montana ranks 39th in the nation for meth abuse, teen meth use has declined by 45%, adult meth use has declined by 72% and there has been a 62% decrease in meth-related crime.  So what happened?  Well simply stated, the Montana Meth Project happened.  The Montana Meth Project was conceived and founded by businessman and Montana rancher, Thomas M. Siebel.  The Project is a hard hitting, in your face program that advertizes the true nature of the horrible addiction.  It has involved the Montana community at a grass roots level and is truly a blessing.

So instead of me going on and on about the Project, please take a moment to look at Thomas M. Siebel's website: 



Dave Smith
Group Administrator
fatherdave said on Thursday, June 19th 2008 @ 9:50 PM:

Fantastic to hear a good news story, Fighting Father Doug! Smile

Fantastic not only for the difference to the lives of so many young people with Meth problems, but also fantastic to see a successful business person giving something significant back to the community! Smile

And I'm keen to look more into the Montana Meth Project to see if we can implement something like that here?