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    Fri 1st 2008 @ 10:19 PM


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Friday, August 1st 2008 @ 10:19 PM    post viewed 1509 times

So the other day I wrote this...


A man that I trusted had once said to me, ‘It’s our choices that show us, over ability’.

Ironically he was the one who would prove, that this saying was something worth holding on too.

Right at the point when I needed him most, he walked out of the house in return of a ghost.

And so much of my time spent sitting alone, was wasted beside a voiceless telephone.

 I don’t care anymore, its nothing to me, I just want you to know ‘bout my testimony.

I’ve been out with the night and I’ve murdered the day, I’d do anything to handle my feeling this way.

To be shut out and held down by those who despise, to be hated and beaten with no compromise.

I know why they do it, it’s all in the eyes. Its easy to see that they’re hurting inside.

So I’m broken and bleeding with no where to go, but to the top of a hill, on a city of stone.

In my refuge of Hope, my Fortress, my Tower, far above the pain in this world’s darkest hour.

It’s never been so clear to see all this wrong. My heart is on fire as I work through a song.

The desperate, the lonely, the hurt, the abused, are all just so close and are being lied to.

Billboards, T.V and internet porn, fuelling disaster as ignorance spawns.

So I’ll kick and I’ll scream ‘till it all goes away, I’m not letting this world get the better of me.

I could belong here, but I choose to be living, my life in light of the Son that has risen.

So I hold my fist high, with my heart that is beating, the beat of drums that Christ Jesus is hitting.

It has been done before and it’ll happen again, a Revolution will take place in hearts of all men.

And someone has taken the beating this time, for the sake of the people in the form of a crime.

Still burred alive in the darkness of prison, through often forgotten despite all were been given.

Sought out by forces for the truth of a lie, and held out for days not ready to die.

 A perfect example of any one’s power, a choice to be heard, or to fall down and cower.

So harness these words as you look to the sky, and remember the name, Vanunu, Mordechai.  



Dave Smith
Group Administrator
fatherdave said on Sunday, August 3rd 2008 @ 10:27 PM:

This is deep stuff, mate! Thank you