Bahrain Protests
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Adam's Words
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A Message in a Bottle

Wednesday, April 13th 2011 @ 8:53 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2269 times

Pleadings from Bahrain ...

My personal experience with Bahrain goes back to 10 years ago when I stayed in the island for a couple of months for giving a training course in a power station.  When leaving the country, I could describe it as a small collection of various nationalities with different backgrounds who seemed to have gathered on that little island to show how man kind can live in peace, tolerance and even friendship.

Alongside the recent disturbing news from the country, I lately received an email through a couple of hands from an anonyms Bahraini, which gives an inside picture of what is happening beyond the sight field of the limited number of cameras that can make it to the streets.  I don’t even know who has put this SOS message in the bottle of his email and thrown it into the ocean of the web, but they must be one of the survivors on the isolated island who are only hoping to have their pleadings heard by other fellow humans on the earth.  Here’s the letter:

Alaikom alsalam wa rahmat allah wa barakatuh...

I wish I had better news.. or that I am able to calm your fears....

I am afraid the situation in Bahrain has gravely deteriorated especially in the area where I live. we all agree this is genocide taking place around us..

A much needed Kuwaiti medical convoy was turned back twice at the borders before finally heading back home to Kuwait. the main medical facility in Bahrain is turned into a military base and people who go in there walking on their feet suffering from injuries related to the raid on the roundabout. turn up dead after they disappear for a couple of days or so.. people are scattered all across the country hiding and dying quietly... we are busy burying our dead and mourning them... And are in desperate need for medical supplies and services as the gov has put hand and restricted such available services to loyalists.

Students protesting at embassies abroad have either been called back to Bahrain and interrogated as was the case with 3 ladies at 5th and 6th year med school in Saudi.. or have been deprived from their gov scholarships. the Kuwaiti government has taken it upon itself to cover the expenses of the education of Bahraini students in Kuwait til they graduate.

The state media has masterfully muted media outlets to convey a sense of normalcy to the international community... and deflect accusations of crimes against humanity... they have taken over the hospital to destroy all medical records proving our case...  I understand you are a writer and have access to some publications, I am sorry to ask, but I feel it is the least I could do for the Bahraini people and my country. Is their a chance that you could help support our cause in Bahrain?

We feel deserted by the international community ... we are still stunned and hoping to regroup in order to see what the next step may be...We buried our first woman killed by gov bullets as she was driving her car yesterday....

I write to you aware of the fact that this message may be tracked by certain authorities... however I have nothing to fend for my live and fellow bahrainis but words and appeals... hoping that this would further clarify our cause... fellow Bahrainis have given their lives to this cause...

I do appreciate it if you do not link my identity to this message if at all possible.. many people have been taken in for such action.

 Forgive me for the graphic nature of this video.... but a picture is worth a thousand words.... what more should we sacrifice before the world hears our voice and recognizes our legitimate call for justice....

I appreciate your heartfelt sympathies... thank you so much.

(You may not be able to open the above video link, as I wasn't.  I didn't want to add the links to other footages that I had seen myself either, as some of were really disturbing.  But if you want to see what individual mobile phones have captured of the recent unrests in Bahrain, have a quick search in the Internet.)

It's really surprising to see where the man kind is going.  Arab nations used to be united in supporting one of their own communities against the occupation of their land by Israel.  Now they seem to be united to suppress another community of themselves.  They always claim that they are the people of God and the servants to the people of God.  But in fact they show no mercy to those how ask for their God-given rights.  And there is no exception if it is Saudi, Bahrain, Iran, Egypt, Syria, whatsoever.  Western powers are not clean either.  They air strike a government to support "human rights" (you read oil resources) but they silently back another government to prove that "democracy" should be achieved through the will of people themselves.  There is no room for god in hearts when there are guns in hands.

Let's just ask ourselves for a moment what is really happening in the other corners of our home, Earth, when we are happily, thanks to God, enjoying our afternoon tea!


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Dave Smith
Group Administrator
fatherdave said on Friday, April 15th 2011 @ 1:19 AM:

Well said, dear brother. Our hearts and our prayers are with the people of Bahrain.

Bahrain Protests