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Friday, August 30th 2013 @ 6:37 AM    post viewed 866 times

My dear Brother and Sister,
We are all the children of God and I leave you these words out of my love for our Father and for you. I leave them here wrapped in my prayer that they can bring to you the light they have brought to me. I think today, of Syria as I am sure so many of us do. I am filled with happiness and hope because we have been praying and our prayers given in love, are always answered. The peace makers we have supported and prayed for have held off any escalation of conflict in Syria. I give thanks to our loving Father! I know part of you might be thinking that might be true for today but what about tomorrow? We need to let ourselves focus only on the present. Only here in the present do we have any power to change the world. When we pray we don't pray for the past do we? No, we know it is done and over with and nothing can change it. The past is dead and it cannot be changed. Life is in the here and now, it is not even in tomorrow but here. It is here at this very moment you have the power to make a difference. If you think I can wait till tomorrow when tomorrow comes it will still be only in the presence of the moment you can do anything. Still if we only think about doing something tomorrow we are doing nothing at all.  We must focus on today..not yesterday or tomorrow. We need to let what we do today extend into tomorrow but never do we want to pull the dead past into our present or our future.  Please follow me with my thought just a little longer. History is filled with so many wars and the pain and suffering that comes with it. When we hear the possibility of war breaking out and we react based off what we know. The examples are there and we know in our heart we don't want to see it repeated. This is wonderful and it is because we love one another we don't want this to happen. If a war breaks out or escalates we must not cast our minds to the past wars we must keep ourselves in the present.
Only in the present can we make a change and shift the tides and most importantly we can bring the light of God into the darkness and banish it. Darkness can never prevail where there is light. This is a chance for all us to truly change the world! We can set aside all our differences and focus on what we all are. We are all the children of God. We are the children of a God who loves us beyond anything we could possibly imagine. We all know war is not of God, so we need to bring what is of God to everyone. Love is of God, never war. We are at the crossroads, we can make a choice to be of the past or the present. If we take the past then we accept defeat and will feel there is nothing we can do. If we take the present, then there is so much and I do mean so much we can do. Let us continue to pray for the peace makers because they are still hard at work right now!   Let us put aside anything we think is different about one other and see the truth. We are all the children of God and God loves us. We love God and everything he created and God created all of us. We are his light! We are hope! We are love! We are many voices joining as one banishing the darkness forever. We can move nations and mountains together as long as we love. Our brothers and sisters all over the world are crying out in fear of the darkness, they are calling for us! They are calling for our love and we will bring it to them!  Be it in a kind word, or direct care or even in pray we will answer the call with all of our love. We will never accept the darkness, because we are the light and we bring it to everyone!. What can you do right now at this moment? Even if we can do nothing more than pray, that is powerful indeed when we pray with all of our love! So pray and what you know you can it. The power to change everything is in the moment, not tomorrow. When we act now when we see this we carry that into tomorrow, so let tomorrow be filled with our love and light because we cast it now for all the world to see and will never cease doing this. I praise and thank our loving Father. I praise and thank you my brothers and my sisters.

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