Bad but Funny Day
Bad but Funny Day
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10/12/2011, 5:15 PM

Tempe, Arizona

United States of America


Adriana's Disastrous but Funny Day Monday October 10/12/2011 11:45 PM Completed, 12: 02 AM edited.



I had a a very funny day that just would not seem to end Monday. It was the day for me to do errands. I am a stay at home Mom with a lot of twists and turns on her plate. I thought it would be best if I bullet point the happenings of such a day.


  • I started late, I always do I am a night owl. I went to Target near Chandler Fashion Square Mall here in Arizona due to other errands I had to run. I notice they have new carts and my mind starts rolling. I am a very inquisitive person. Why did they get new carts? I am a Marketer at heart and have an education in it. What makes Target think people buy more with it. Is it more economical I ask myself. Retailers don't usually change carts. Then I am wondering Lord why did you make me so inquisitive. Ah, well so I am. The carts are light so people can role faster and put more items in cart. However, I am always thinking health too. I have not researched it but plastic may carry more germs than metal but you never know. Hence my mind veering towards to the right as it does. Then to the left as I start talking to Target employee about it. No wonder I don't get home at a decent time! To talkative. I make a horrible date. Ask my husband and friends. I usually take off talkiing and networking to a whole gamlet of people. Hahha but love and know me well and accept such platitudes of my character.


  • It is not my usual Target so I am all over the place employees directing me and seeing me on several occasions plus I am coupon shopping and I repeatedly drop everything everywhere. I am a natural born klutz too. For real. :)


  • I just looked at notes for this writing and before Target I had dog cleaned up at PETCO well... Every time I do that I take a European siesta next door. This time the next door is Mielo's Italian Bistro on Guadalupe and Elliot in Tempe, AZ USA. Fabulous place! The Bartender is friendly and funny and we shoot the breeze and laugh for a while. He does not judge me for my passion of fighting/exercising and realizes what my height is when I get down and we laugh. He is full of respect and sees me as a person, I can tell. My knee was acting up which makes me walk like a drunk but I was not.:). We talk about vino, sports, Faith and wow. People are talking Italian all around me and I can half understand because I am half bi-lingual in Spanish well maybe more than half now. Love Languages understand each other., to an extent. A lot more faith out there then I thought. That is what makes me go WOW. I have been taught to shhhh.. Not no more you encounter so much of God when you don't. Blessings to that gentleman and the business he works at. So again Buzzy Buzzy Buzzy bla bla bla. Day it is getting behind

  • The Mielo's Italian Bistro experience was such a blessing because in the parking lot before I endtered I was on the phone crying with a friend. She is who I call when I feel down about some heavy things from the past that come up. God Bless that woman. The down comes few and far between. We all have our baggage’s. It is like an injured knee that kinks up in the humidity it just happens. Pain just comes it is what you do to direct it, is what matters. Praise be to God for friends who remind you who you are in Christ. Expressing emotion is not weakness it is strength. You measure it though. It is saying I hurt sometimes I am human and it is OK. I WILL get back up and sucker punch at life with love.

  • Back to Target....Target was after restaurant and dropping my dog Lazarus off home. After getting off schedule , as I normally do, hahha just did in writing. I continue to do klutzy things at Target. Which makes me laugh but it is starting to become a scene, which makes me laugh harder. Hay Yay Yay God tu eres funny. God you are so funny. As I am having a sensitive day already. The Target parking lot is BLASTED with reminders God is there due to the symbols on peoples cars. Thank you God I say in my head and heart I needed that.

  • I am behind my day because of my buzzyness. My next errand is Sprouts, well I wanted to go to Coffee shop to chill and write letters and catch up on stuff and possiblly read. WELL if I would not talk so much then maybe I would have had that time hahahaha lol for real. You see husband calls me and says we are out of diapers and our son's diaper is full. Which I know we were low I am always on top of such things, usually. Well I thought we had a hand full for the day. So I am like Hay que la..... there goes my coffee break. Ah well got a siesta during dog grooming. Rush Rush I go to Sprouts for the pollo on sale. Yip Yip Yip Yip … bullet point is for real.

  • I am crossing parking lot and FOR REAL I almost get hit by red Toyota Tacoma truck. Instead of do what a lot of people do 'like yell and tell off person' is I smile and point at sun and say with my lips watch the sun I know you don't mean to. I release him of his feeling bad I know I would have felt bad. He smiles back and I say in my head a little prayer for whoever he is and his life. I see people freak out all the time in rudeness. There is much more release when you realize the world is not all about you; and you release them from feeling bad about their mistake. Well I know where I am going so if a Red Tacoma trucks hits me on accident so be it. It is not what I want I have a son to raise a husband to love and a career to possibly start. Ministry to minister in, friends and family to love but God's will not mine.

  • Although I let go such an encounter I am shook up. Seriously trembling some especially added in with a little sensitive day. So looky looky for chicken on sale. Can't find as I am looking a man reached out below my belt in front of me to grab chicken. Not in a rude way, not interfering in my space he was just getting chicken but remember I am a little edgy due to my day. So I yelp really loud and people just look at me I am embarrassed the man is embarrassed. I release now him of feeling bad he startled a woman and say no no no sir it is not you. It is just my day I am a little edgy he smiles and nods his head. I could have been all rude but I am not like that or try not to be. But I voice , metaphorically punch when people do hit me coldly.

  • Then I turn the corner and I am walking funny because knee is acting up from being on it too long all day. My own fault. I almost bump into wine display full of a bottles of wines that are called WICKED with an advertisement of a black menancing tree. So as I am writing this my inquisitive mind wants to find picture online just to bring the accuracy to the writing or proof; but I am like HECK no, not so good move. I am not naive I KNOW how much people dabble secret in the dark and problem it is in America and all that jazz with the internet. One word like that on the search engine and forget about it bout it. All kinds of stuff I would have to matrix out of our home. Internet can be for good or bad it is your will. Protect it for good. So I am like Ahhh again but don't shout it out this time. And sort of snub it with my face in air. It is just a bottle of wine that is all it is. Carry on to cashier with two items and newspaper for advertisement because my chicken I bring is a higher price. She is no Mam wrong chicken she was so kind (God bless her God) and we walk back and get the right chicken which was RIGHT where I was standing where man grabbed for chicken. Hahhaahha. I am like why could I not have seen that. I felt like sitting on floor and putting that confetti paper box filling squirley things on my head and say I am done with the day:). So I go to another Sprouts employee. The woman that helped me with the chicken was just helping me on her end of day. God is in the small things and lifts you up in the little ways through people.:)

  • The cashier is a miss who was very pleasant. She asks at end of sale would you like to donate to bla bla bla. I am like you don't even know who you are talking to I say in my head. I am a Sucker for charities. So I give what I can then she proceeds to tell me a woman gave to charities only a certain amount for years to various charities she was not of economical stature but in the end she ended up giving millions away. I did not engage in the conversation she told me. :) God is so good. So in my head more people must know such a wonderful story I believe too many good stories are hidden and well, much bad is said but there is much good out there too. Praise be to God!

  • The night was hectic but reflective and I had a great time with friends and family Blessings to you and yours.


“Buzzy” (Name of favorite cat of former roommate and still very good friend. Buzzy would sit on chair during conversations and just say meow, meow, meow and int-erupt us in our opinion he talked to us:)

Adriana Johnson

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