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My friend and neighbor Rick White showing off some photographs he took. Note the abstract of a boat slip near San Francisco in the pretty town of Sausalito. Rick is trying to be an artist at the age of 78 after his retirement (some years ago) as a travel photographer for the likes of TWA, and as an art director at advertising agencies in Chicago. He recently was invited to have his work displayed in a Colorado gallery (hot stuff), and on hearing immediately set off by train there with photographs in tow. Here, prior to his abstract period of recent, one gallery that turned him down said he wasn't an artist. Well, maybe he is getting there.

Good architectural shot of the modern Cathedral of Christ the Light (Roman Catholic) located Oakland, California (just East immediately so of San Francisco). Rick, who will be 80, took these for a story I am writing on the new Cathedral for Church of England Newspaper, London.

Trees in Mill Valley, California in the Autumn. The red color of the leaves is enhanced with Photoshop by Rick.

A professional traveler, Rick went to China where he took some pictures while staying with a Chinese family he met over the internet. He is an engaging man, and very active at his age of 78. Lucky him. This is a Bird of Paradise photograph taken while on that China trip that lasted something over a month. He said people were friendly, and engaged him. He found they wanted to practice their English on him, so he reported. Rick will get around on a trip, even in China where he was the only Anglo in sight.

This interesting and unusual photograph shows what a good eye Rick has as a photographer. I often wonder about visual artists, and photographers like Rick. What do they see that the rest of us miss. This was taken on his last trip to China.

This is not a real photograph. Rick took three photographs and stitched them together. He is very skilled at such things. He says this is really how it looks, though. Church of Our Saviour, Mill Valley, CA USA. Just north of San Francisco in a small suburban town, part of Marin County (Diocese of California). There are approximately 300 members, some Sundays almost 100 (mostly, about 80 or 90) at the ten o'clock service. Easter there is a big crowd, big. Christmas, very big crowd. Children's Pagaent is packed (parents). People can bring their video cameras and their still cameras, and they certainly do bring them to the Children's Pagaent.

Another Rick White photo, taken about 2006 at Spirit Rock. That is a Buddhist retreat and center located in the rural area of the county. This is a woman on a meditative walk somewhere on their 410 acres. Rick gets out there to take pictures. Rick likes the place Spirit Rock and says he is a Buddhist. He thinks Christ is a Buddha figure, at best. For him, this is high praise. Rick's ancestors came from England, from a town so poor they lured ships to the rocks where they were wrecked and they took what they could. I'll ask him again where that was located. He is proud of this survival method they did, by the way.

For some reason, photographers have taken pictures of birds perched on different things. Rick gave me a lovely photo of a statue of a South American saint he took. Yet it has a bird perched on its head. I think that his intent in taking this "architectural" photograph in China on his last visit was to catch some beauty and color. I don't think the birds are the subject of the photograph. I'll ask him, if I remember.

Big goldfish! Another serene photograph by Rick White. He likes the meditative photograph, as you've probably noticed by this short representation of his work here. P.S. Rick is back from his Colorado train trip to his daughter's and the gallery interested in his picture taking (photography, the more representative term for his work. I'll see if he'll let me use some of those photographs hung there for this Fight Father Dave member display. Today is July 10, 2009 here in Mill Valley, north of San Francisco. You are a day ahead of us, I think.
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father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice