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Camaldolese, Benedictine monk Father Arthur Poulin paints contemplative works, as he describes them. These shown here are selected from his many paintings. Father Arthur lives and works at Incarnation Monastery, Berkeley, CA USA--study house of Camaldolese monks located near the Graduate Theological Union, and University of California's North Gate. This description of his paintings, from I. wolk Gallery in St. Helena, California USA: Father Poulin's paintings have been acquired extensively by people here in the US and abroad. Many of his commissioned works hang in churches here in California.

A Morning Prayer As a Camaldoli Benedictine Oblate, I go to Morning Prayer at my Parish (Episcopal) most weekdays. But it starts at 9:30 a.m. Not the earlier hour the monastery's hold theirs. I am part of the Immaculate Heart Hermitage community in Big Sur, California and of the Camaldoli Order. This though I am Anglican. Part of my connection is as a result of the Charism of friendship. When starting out as a postulant about 15 or so years ago, my Vicar, the late Jack Schanhaar, suggested I become part of their Roman Catholic contemplative Order. He thought this a good thing for the Ecumenical Spirit, as well as other reasons, including that of the Charism of Friendship. The other Priest at my then Parish (Church of the Redeemer) advised and wanted me to do the same. Like Father Jack, she was also a member of that particular Benedictine Order.

A Gentle Breeze I have seen some small, slim picture type books that have some of Father Arthur's paintings. I do not know how to search for them on Amazon.com. I have not tried to search for them. Maybe Google is a better place. I've seen samples at Incarnation Monastery when visiting.

Pathway Home

God's Field

The River This, like Father Arthur's other works, are frequently purchased by Churches. Another of his contemplative works, this one is about the religious journey and ones life. So I think, at least. I think you, like me, will get a better understanding and picture of the works when recognizing his works are contemplative, as is he.

Coastline Big Sur

Baslica of St. Francis Assisi.

Morning Star Over the Hermitage Reproductions that cost about $100 or less are available at Immaculate Heart Hermitage, Big Sur, California. Their bookstore carries them. Sometimes one must ask to see one. I have about four small reproductions. They are a little less money, and fit the available wall space in my smallish apartment in Mill Valley, CA (North of San Francisco). That is five hours away from the Hermitage in Big Sur. But then I stop frequently when taking a longish trip. Others make it faster to the Hermitage for a retreat or preached retreat. That is, they make it in less time than I from this same area. They have not large available numbers of guest rooms and trailers to accommodate guests. One frequently, and most likely, must reserve a place a year in advance. People visit from all over the world. Travelers on the widely admired and scenic California Route One stop at the monastery chapel or its bookstore. That with the hermitage grounds is about a mile or so from the main road near the small town of Lucia, Big, Sur, CA. You may find it on Google Earth. I should check that out myself, while I mentioned it.

Full Moon Over Big Sur Father Arthur was originally a Franciscan who changed to the contemplative Camaldoli Benedictine Order. He lives and works in their Study House, Incarnation Monastery. The urban monastery is located in Berkeley, CA near the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) GTU is located near the North Gate of the University of California at Berkeley. To me, it is a huge university, part of the California University System.
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father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice