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Obituar of my mother than ran in the local Independent Journal. I was so surprised they ran her obituary, and a very nice one, too. The picture is of her when she was younger. They said she was an artist, and she was one, too. She was a pretty one. She died at 77, and all of us have been grateful to Hospice for all they did for her and the family. That sounds trite, doesn't everyone say that; but it is true.

Engagement photo of Peter and Linda taken May, 2012 in Linda's backyard.

Gloria by the side of the apartment where we lived in Santa Monica, near the beach. This is circa 1964, and at that time my father was having difficulty getting work as a television writer. This was quite a step down for them in living quarters, by the way, but they took it well and we were happy as a family. Television writers must be young, so they said, and he was too old in ideas when he reached his fifties. That's what happened, really. He made $20,000 and called it a bad year. They were all going that way, apparently. The house on Greentree Rd., in Rustic Canyon, Pacific Palisades had been sold at this time. I had to move high schools to Santa Monica, which was lucky for me as I met Gloria. We have a daughter together who is happily married and in her 40s, living in the USA's Georgia with her husband (banker and lawyers!!!) and her three children.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran this obit on my father on his death. Kindly, one of the seminarians at my Parish read this from the pulpit to the congregation, and that was a surprise. My father wanted no memorial, so her reading the obituary was it. I was quite moved by her act, and consoled. I am grateful.

Another Engagement photo shot by Linda's friend Sophi. I call this a very good snapshot.

The happy engaged couple: Peter and Linda. He 65, she 59. It's never too late.

Hold her close, she me, too.

Peter at 17 from Pacific Palisades High School, in Pacific Palisades, California, yearbook. That is in Los Angeles County. Circa 1963. Note the good tan from many days at the beach in Santa Monica canyon, and even the famed Malibu Beach.
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father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice