father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice
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My best friends daughter and my son. We would not arranging marriage if we practiced that. They are same age. Total familia they will be like cousins we hope and pray:). Little girl is such a figher a Pre-Mature baby that is now just a joy. Now they ignore each other hahah. We hope it stays that way to an extent:) We don't want no drama hahahah.

Son's cross given to him from my best friend for his Child Dedication at our church. It is on top of purple Prayer shawl I have from dear Mother-n-law.

Let's talk about it and definitly pray about it. Glasses I use at night when I am in deep study or want a day of rest from contacts. I have to wear contacts or glasses I am very impaired since the 4th grade.

Poster outside of restaurant I ate at for lunch. Very cool.God bless Valerie, the server.

Giu Giu -Sicilian nick name Giuliana is her full name. and Kade ingoring each other again; but communing with lunch. They actually play really well together.

Well hello cheek bones it has been a while. Like a boxer and my Dad feel proud of the chizel on their jaw and the muscles they have practiced to get; a woman can be thankful for her cheek bones that have appeared again after the months of practice in the gym and diet. Fight the GOOD fight. In your way. I was on my way to church husband just smiles and he shakes his head.

Like a boxer or King or Queen must feel when he or SHe puts on robe after or before a fight ,is how I feel when I wear my prayer shawl, and have purple study Christian notebook and wear Son's future cross necklace. As believers we are all given such honor, under his grace.

Son's future play mask, a hand me down from a dear friend. It is a little big for him now. Husband tried it on but he would REALLY give me a strict word with his mouth if I posted anything of the sort:)

A picture of the owl in a book Kade has. Star of David in back ground regarding the Christmas story. Book is from Dear mother-n-law. They live in IL. Their gifts are precious.
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father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice