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2n Thessolians the book my women's group is in now. I FINALLY got some time to get the whole book of Thess. read today. I have read the bible front to back 3 or more times but it is a living document. You can never study it enough. Praise be to God!

My bible on the local park bench.

Great weather in Arizona today. A good time to read outside.

Kade Richard Johnson at park bench.

My dog Lazarus at park looking at what is moving or what he can run at.:)

My dog Lazarus sniffing to see if Kade , my son, left any treats sitting in his stroller.

A picture of the son through the park tree. The SON hmmm what must he really look like. Praise be to God.

A shadow of a tree with the sound of the birds singing tweet tweet:)

Adriana Johnson enjoying the park. It is some down time and play time with son and the good book and silly dog who likes to claw at me when I try to read. Hahhaha. Buzzy Motor mouth the cat used to sit on my bible; and they say cats are not evil hahha just kidding.

Adriana Johnson in Chandler, AZ USA City Library about to do some job hunting networking. Wednesday November 16, 2011.
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father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice