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3.50am - I awake to the sound of the dog barking and see a light flashing through my bedroom window. This is the scene I first saw from my balcony

The wall of heat was intensive and I couldn't have crossed the road if I wanted to. Somehow though our six Vietnamese friends in the house next to the Youth Centre were all unhurt! Is that the hand of God I see shielding their house?

The fire-fighters were on the scene within minutes - thanks be to God!

Even before I'd finished dialing the emergency number the first police car was screeching to a halt outside our house. Two fire crews were on the scene within 10 minutes!

It took two hours to put out the fire. In the sober light of morning, only the shell was left.

The arsonists had entered in through the side gate and kicked in the side door - jerry can of petrol in hand. If our neighbour hand't heard them and alerted the police and fire-brigade he might not have survived.

The side hall remained relatively intact. The mural that features a hand-print from each of our young people is stained but undamaged! We'll make sure it becomes a feature item of the new Youth Centre when it's one day completed

The main part of the church building was completed in 1886. The old wooden floor went up like a tinder-box!

Once upon a time the preacher stood at the far end of the building. More recently boys crowed the top stage to push weights. The shell of the boxing ring is hard to make out amidst the rubble.

A close-up of the boxing ring. The solid steel SMAI structure is still intact. Perhaps parts of it can still be saved?
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father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice