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Update your Profile! (please)

This is a my personal appeal to you to help me lift our online community up to the next level by adding your face to the 'members gallery' on our Fighting Fathers Member site.

If we're going to exhort, encourage and achieve something together, we will need to get to you know eachother, and it's hard to do that if we don't know what we look like.

So will you do two things for me please:

Assuming you're already a member of www.fighting-fathers.com (and if you're not, you can join now):

  1. Click on the 'Your Profile' link
  2. Click on 'Update Your Profile'
  3. Where it says, 'Photo' upload a photo of yourself
  4. Where it says, 'About You', tell us a little about you

Will you do that for me?  I'd be very grateful. Smile

P.S. And if you missed this week's ezine: www.fatherdave.org/news

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father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice