father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice
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                          Sheikh Mansour talks about his threatened deportation (fatherdave)
                          Category: Teleconferences
                          created on 2010-03-31 07:24:32 - viewed 554 times

                          After a negative security assessment that dates back 13 years, Sheikh Mansour Leghaei has finally been told to leave the country.

                          Father Elias Teleconference (fatherdave)
                          Category: Teleconferences
                          created on 2009-09-02 21:55:38 - viewed 1405 times

                          Fighting Father Elias is a man who is much loved around the world, and who left an indelble mark on our little Anglican community of Dulwich Hill (in Sydney) when he stayed with us from late 2007 until the end of 2008. Elias is now back with his monastic community (the Community of St John) in Holland where he has been appointed as a University chaplain. This teleconference was an opportunity for many of us in Sydney to catch up with Elias for the first time since his departure. It was also an opportunity for others in the Fighting Fathers network to meet Elias for the first time. Elias talks about his work and calling as a monk, the role that fight-training still plays for him, and the special difficulties associated with Gospel work in Eurpope.

                          Anthony Venn-Brown Teleconference (fatherdave)
                          Category: Teleconferences
                          created on 2009-08-03 07:34:04 - viewed 1580 times

                          Anthony is the unofficial ambassador of the church to the gay and lesbian community of Sydney, and he is a man uniquely qualified for the role. Formerly one of Australia's most high-profile Pentecostal preachers, Anthony 'came out' in 1991, which cost him his ministry and his marriage. His story is one of prolonged struggle - spending many years fighting his sexual identity, and seeking healing and even exorcism to help him overcome his same-sex attraction. Anthony eventually reached a point of accepting himself for who he was, and has reached the conclusion that Christ accepts him too, as he is. Anthony now sees his role as trying to build bridges between the churches and the gay and lesbian community. He sees a great deal of hostility and suspicion on both sides of the divide.

                          Teleconference with Brother Andy (fatherdave)
                          Category: Teleconferences
                          created on 2009-07-31 22:15:08 - viewed 1928 times

                          Brother Andrew Blair's story is an extraordinary one. He was born female but, after many years of struggle with his identity, 'crossed the gender divide' as an adult. This teleconference is filled with raw honesty, and lasts for the best part of an hour, more than half of which is taken up with questions and responses between Andy and the other members on the call.

                          Teleconference with Ciaron O'Reilly (fatherdave)
                          Category: Teleconferences
                          created on 2009-05-31 19:40:07 - viewed 1189 times

                          Ciaron O'Reilly is a Christian anarchist and pacifist who has been arrested and imprisoned numerous times for his vigorous anti-war protests. He is a joy to listen to. On the call with Ciaron and Father Dave is Eileen Flemming (from wearewideawake.org) and Fighting Father Doug from Montana - a Federal law enforcement officer in the US. The humble and open dialogue between Doug and Ciaron is particularly inspiring.

                          'Fitna' conference about Islam (fatherdave)
                          Category: Teleconferences
                          created on 2008-09-18 09:11:54 - viewed 881 times

                          This teleconference took place on September 17th, 2008, and was presented by Father Dave, Father Elias, and Islamic cleric and academic, Sheikh Mansour Leghaei. The focus of the discussion was the Dutch film, 'Fitna', which is certainly one of the most unambiguously anti-Islam movies to ever be released. The brain-child of Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, the movie caused a great deal of controversy when it was released in March 2008. In our discussion we try to look at what motivated Wilders to make the movie as well as try to respond to the film's depiction of Islam.

                          father dave,fighting fathers,spiritual integrity,social justice