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Be ye therefore reconciled – Forgive one another, forgive myself


From Testament Of The Holy Father St Francis…(VI.)



“The Lord gave to me, Brother Francis, thus to begin to do penance; for when I was in sin it seemed to me very bitter to see lepers, and the Lord Himself led me amongst them and I showed mercy to them 3 And when I left them, that which had seemed to me bitter was changed for me into sweetness of body and soul. And afterwards I remained a little and I left the world.


Reconciliation - Who are my lepers?

They are those things I cannot abide; most of all they are within me.

I first joined the followers of St Francis (the SFO) towards the middle of the 1980’s they were different from other Parishioners and had something I needed--- my otherness drove me to seek a home where I might become whole(y)... but it was not to be then.

One of the most significant things that I remember as a novice in the SFO, was when our Novice mistress asked us to think about "who our lepers are"?

At that time I thought that Francis’ Lepers were only that, it is now that I recognise the Archetypal Leper as a Pariah; a shadow, both one cast out of the community and as one imprisoned within us – awaiting the inclusion of the opening door.


Francis began the walk of (w) holiness with his experience working among the Lepers on the outskirts of Assisi

In his Testament Francis explained that the Lord enabled him to repent of his sins by moving him to have compassion on lepers; when Francis came to leave them, for he had lived among them, he discovered that he no longer found them bitter, that rather, he experienced sweetness in his soul whenever he thought of them.




Francis said that his work among the Lepers helped him confess his sins by bringing him to compassion for those he detested … he was his own leper as we are ours -That in forgiving himself enabled him to forgive others.



Well my shadowy lepers led me to become one for it was as the result of healing myself that my Spirituality loosened up and became a little too loose for the SFO who asked me to leave them.


To visit the ends of this exposition I will say that with my eventual SSR surgery and all it entails I have become or have made myself such a Pariah.




Forgiving one’s self is the pre-requisite to forgiving others.



Sword,Eucharist,Word,Trinity,Psalms,St Francis,Admonitons,the kweerest things