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iGrOOps Resource Library for Administrators

IDS Tech Support:

Getting Started with iGrOOps (right click and "Save As") - This 30 page PDF covers the basics about iGrOOps, its features, marketing tips and a copy of the user agreement.

iGrOOps Administrator's Manual (right click and "Save As") - This 119 page PDF covers the majority of information for iGrOOps Administrators spanning all site features and functions.  This will be updated shortly to add Index, Table of Contents and more.

Podcast Guide: A progressive sequence and structure for the podcasts on MembershipSiteBuilding.com - makes it a little bit easier to find podcasts of specific interest to you.

 The Basics of Starting Your Own Online Business (right click and save as)- a 44 page PDF with useful business tips for deciding whether to start your own online business.

Member Manual (right click and save as) - a short 4 page PDF useful for several of the applications to which most of your members may be able to use (based upon your own Application Privilege Settings).


Discussion Forums:  For increasing Membership Participation, design, seo, marketing, public relations, strategies and more.

More coming soon.

(Updated January 22, 2013).

iGrOOps, social web site, membership site, marketing tips, resource library
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