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Audio Video Postcard Tip

Saturday, April 30th 2011 @ 12:00 AM (1 ratings)

The Audio/Video Postcard application in iGrOOps is a unique and fun tool to use with your members or even your non-members (If you set the application permission to be viewed by L0 - Guest members). 

Here is a quick tip on using the postcards in your email message:

Create your Audio/Video Postcard as normal and when you are done, view your completed postcard. Take a screen shot of the postcard.


When you are ready to send your email out, instead of using the Audio/Video Postcard email option from within the app, use the Smart Autoresponder or Newsletter application and type your message, then rather than just include a text link to your postcard, insert the image of the postcard into the email with the instructions to 'Click to Watch Now" or something similar.

*** Make sure to include an Alt Tag for your image that says "Click to Watch the Video Postcard" in case some of your email recipients have their email set to turn off images (Yes, some still do this...)

If you want to get even fancier, edit your screenshot and add a video player button on the top of the screenshot so it appears to be a video player embedded in the email. Simply link your actual Audio/Video postcard image to the actual URL of the postcard and you now have an eye catching email that includes a preview of the postcard. Below is an example from a fellow "iGrOOpie", Claire of Claire sends out her very popular Audio/Video postcards every Monday ("The Monday Minute"...check her great site out!).


There are a number of free icon sets on the web where you can pick up various multimedia player buttons like the green button in the center of the image above. I found that green button at

Will your click-thru's with this new email style increase? Most the very least it is a more professional and pleasing look than just text-- although there are certainly times when just text works well here too.

Have fun with it!


Coach Evie Hernandez
Full Access
CoachEvie said on Sunday, May 22nd 2011 @ 11:04 PM:

The link must be incorrect because when I click on it it does not show me the postcard.

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