Admin Manual
Your iGrOOp Color Theme
last updated: 2008-01-14 09:23:51

iGrOOps was designed to allow the administrator to blend in their iGrOOp with an existing website or any color theme. iGrOOps allows you to set the color theme by choosing one of the many default color themes, or creating your own theme.

You can also set the background image within your iGrOOp, but this is done within your home page designer.

Selecting / Creating a Theme

Selecting a theme is very straightforward -- just select the theme you want to use and click the "Save and Next" button. Your new theme will be immediately implemented.

You MAY need to refresh your browser to make sure your are getting the lasted version of the page. This is the "F5" key on most browsers.

To create a custom theme, select the last option in the list for the custom theme. Then you need to enter the hexadecimal values of the colors you want to use. You can find these values in several charts on the Internet.

Make sure you choose very light colors for the light colors and very dark colors for the dark colors. If you don't, the text will be hard to read and you will see white dots surrounding the icons.

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