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Q. Why can't I login?

A. So you've tried to login but cannot. Here is a list of things to try, in order of most common solutions (if you prefer to watch a video, see http://www.igroops.com/members/ids/videos/VIEW/10000044/Logging-In.html )

  • Confirm your membership to the site. Are you certain you are a member of the site you are trying to login to? Go to www.igroops.com and click on the login arrow. Once you login, it will take you to a page that says "Showing all your iGrOOps". Be sure the site you are trying to login to is listed on this page. If it is not, you will want to go to the site, and click the "Join Now" link. You can then use your iGrOOps nickname and password to join the site.
  • Check your password. Passwords are case sensitive. If you forget your password or are unsure, try resetting your password (you can reset to the same password) using the lost password link.
  • Check your nickname. Nicknames are case sensitive as well. If you forget your nickname or are unsure, try resetting your password (you can reset to the same password) using the lost password link.
  • Clear your temporary Internet files and cookies. This is done by selecting that option within your web browser. in IE it is Tools >> Internet Options >> Browsing History >> Delete
  • Disable your local firewall. Norton anti-virus or other firewall software can be prohibiting cookies
  • Check your network router/firewall. These security settings could be set too high at the network level. 


  • If you made it to this step, almost always it is that your firewall software has cookie security settings too high -- set it to medium. You need to be able to accept cookies from all sites. Are you using Norton Anti-Virus? McAffee? Other? Disable it, then try again.

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a guest said on Saturday, March 31st 2012 @ 6:16 PM:

I need to register the 2012 Sprint Conference at Fairbank, Alaska. However, I cannot login. Please help!


(cell) 720-810-7021
(work) 907-265-1212 (yes, I am working now, Saturday)

Cheryl Rennels
a guest said on Monday, November 26th 2012 @ 12:10 PM:

I can login on my admin pages but I can't log in on the tech support page so I can leave a ticket.

All my ecommerce settings are correct but as of yesterday, shipping costs are not being charged on orders.
Please advise.

Harvey Arkawy
Full Access
Harvey said on Thursday, June 4th 2015 @ 3:06 PM:

Here is a good one for you.  Yesterday at 1330 hours PDT I was on our iGrOOps site, when I clicked to go to one of the forums, my computer 'timed out'.  I attempted to log back into iGrOOps and I consistently timed out.  I have been an administrator for this site for more than 4 years.  I contacted your tech support and left a voice mail.

No one returned my call.

At 2000 hours PDT last night, I once again attempted to log into our forums on iGrOOps.  Once again I timed out.  I then disconnected my computer from my TWC modem.  I turned on the mobile hot spot on my AT&T cell phone and connected the computer to that WiFi network.  I then attempted to access the  iGrOOps forums.  In one and a half blinks of the eye, I was in.  I had access to everything within iGrOOps.  I turned off the WiFi hotspot and reconnected the computer to my TWC modem.  I can not access iGrOOps.

I contacted tech support at TWC and after numerous attempts, my case was sent up to level 3.  They asked me to email them the tracert result.  They determined that the problem was somewhere in Boston and that I should contact them.  I did and since I wasn't a direct customer of theirs, they told me that TWC needed to contact them directly.  I called TWC and told them what I had learned.  They suggested that I contact you for further assistance.

Attached is a link to a jpg screen dump of my TraceRT www.igroops.com  Hopefully, you will be able to solve the problem.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/84kjae9mjxex6nv/TraceRT.jpg?dl=0

Hopefully you will be able to resolve the condition.

Please contact my via telephone as to what you found out.  661-752-5625

Or you can e-mail me at harvey@sopl.us

Harvey Arkawy 

Administrative Director of the Society of Professional Locksmiths.






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