Can I copy and paste HTML code from another editor like Word or a web page?
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Q. Can I copy and paste HTML code from another editor like Word or a web page?

A. NO.  Almost always a direct copy from an outside HTML editor or other already formatted HTML (like a webpage or e-mail client) will cause problems with your display or functionality of your iGrOOp.  The HTML editors we use are NOT webpage creators, they are simply formatting tools that accept a handful of tags.  Microsoft inserts tags that conflict with Internet Explorer and cause problems.

This does NOT mean that you need to type in all your content from scratch.  The preferred way for entering long, formatted text that you are copying from any other source is to

  1. copy the formatted text like you normally would
  2. paste the text in a NON-formatted editor like Notepad for Windows or TextEdit (non format mode) for MAC
  3. Now copy the plain text without any formatting from this plain text editor
  4. paste into your HTML editor within your iGrOOp
  5. begin formatting the text using the format controls within the HTML text editor

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