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Andre Hayward
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Jazz Web Shed Marketing Short - 02-12-2012

posted by Andre Hayward, Full AccessMonday, February 20th 2012 @ 7:28 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 261 times

Jazz Musician Observation: Just as I'm extremely passionate about the importance of fellow brothers and sisters of African descent recycling dollars and preserving wealth, I feel the same way about us jazz musicians. We really don't have to scuffle over what we deem as scarce resources. There's a variety of joint venture opportunities for us to participate in that doesn't involve the conventional night club experience or the university circuit.

For starters, visit your city and state's .Gov sites and compare the number of community centers to jazz clubs in your respective local areas. This space is available from free to minimal cost. You'll be amazed. Surely we can combine our efforts by hosting unlimited performance and educational events. The model of sit by the phone has long been buried.

Peace & Keep Swinging,
Andre Hayward

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