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The Project Rescue Process

April 2009 Posts


  What To Look For In Project Rescues
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Look At The Project Scope

Tuesday, April 28th 2009 @ 9:56 AM    post viewed 1161 times

When projects begin to fail, the problem is often found up front in scope.  Begin here to discover if the scope is correct.

How to verify scope correctness:

1. Ask the customer who funded the project.

2. Review the project charter for alignment with scope.

3. Review the project resources for sufficient skills.

4. Determine what is "satisfactory performance" versus 'excellen" or "superior performance".

5. Revalidate the project schedule.

6. Review how project task estimates were made and re-estimate as required.

7. Review the requirements document for correctness and completeness.

8. Ask the stakeholders what is broken.

9. Ask the project resources what is broken.

10. Restate the project scope and schedule to reflect any findings that will set the path for the project correctly.


Tom Thompson
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TomThompsonTomThompson said on Wednesday, April 29th 2009 @ 4:26 PM:

I would also look for the strength of the Stakeholders and Executive managment buy-in.