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steve rollins
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How do you measure your value?

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  What Is Your Value In Your Job?
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What Is Your Job Value?

Wednesday, April 29th 2009 @ 3:17 PM    post viewed 1525 times

What are you worth in your in your job today?  If you don't know, could it be that you have no value?

Most of us that have jobs, have value in those jobs.  The question becomes are we doing our best?  Are we delivering our value as an highly engaged performer? 


If you can answer this question and you thus know the answer, is your answer measured at what level?  Satisfactorily? Superior?  Exellent?  Marginal?

So my point is this, if you aren't delivering high-value in your job, then the risk of you losing your job is possibly higher than it should be...if you get my point?

My Kindest Regards!

Steven C. Rollins MBA, PMP, PMOC