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Intuitive Performance Certification (IPC) 

(An online course that enables you to become a more engaged and productive leader. Transforming beliefs and behaviors intuitively to allow a culture that empowers others and instills effective interaction.) 

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Intuitive Performance Certification (IPC)
Product ID: 00000005

IPC for the Individual or Employee.

Intuitive Performance Certification™ (IPC)

Need: Current economic conditions (and job-security) demand nothing short of your very best.

Solution: You are at your very best when you perform intuitively. Intuitive Performance Certification teaches you how to achieve and sustain the heightened state of awareness intuitive performance requires.

Benefits: You will find yourself consistently performing beyond your expectations because of your ability to make more timely and informed decisions and be significantly more productive in your interactions with others.

Program: Engagement Survey measures your current state of engagement and ‘intuitive potential’ on day 1, 30, 60, 90, 180, 270, 360, the difference represents unrealized performance value and goodwill. Results are emailed within 48-hrs of each submission.

Eight (8) training modules each approximately 15-minutes in length teach the two (2) core beliefs and five (5) key behaviors of the intuitive performer. Recommended training pace is one (1) module per 24-hr business day cycle.

Daily Support Tool supports behavior modification, controls risk of regression and tracks participation required for certification.

Certification: Certification requires an Engagement Composite Score of 4.0 or higher and eight (8) credit units earned. One (1) credit unit is earned for each week you complete the Daily Support Tool on a timely basis for each day of the work week. Minimum of 90 days required to achieve certification. Certification is good for four (4) years.

Recognizes fully engaged individuals and employees who hold themselves to high performance standards and measure their success by their ability to create value for others. They are dedicated to establishing, supporting, and sustaining intuitive cultures. They are the leaders who are most influential in driving positive relationships to create performance value and goodwill.

Archimedes Partners is the creator and administrator of Intuitive Performance Certification™ and the sole regulating authority.

Training and assessment is web-based and is delivered anywhere where internet access is available.

Training link is normally provided within 1-2 business days upon enrollment.

Non-Member Price:$395.00 USD