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Taunton High School Gridiron Club

 2014 Seniors

Details for Sunday's BLITZ "last day of the card fundraiser" 

Matt Ross (*the fundraiser Coach will be meeting ALL the players at THS at 11am)
Players are to arrive at 11:00.

Matt will go over the details of the BLITZ
parents are needed to help transport their players to a designated area of the city to sell more cards. 
Matt will tell all the teams what neighborhood they are designated to, and parents will bring their players to that area.

At the end of the BLITZ all the accounting will be DONE, and ALL MONEY And unsold cards must be returned at this time.

Prizes will be given for those that earned them at the BLITZ !!!

If for any reason you are excused from this event, you MUST drop off your money and cards so Matt Ross can close out the fundraiser.

Thank you !!!



TBA - 


  • We are selling good luck lines for our Annual Football Program for our upcoming 2014 Football season.
  • 3 lines for $10.
  • We also have ad space for any business that is interested.
  • Please let us know TODAY or send us a message ASAP if you would like to put good luck lines in the program.
Thank you ahead of time for your participation.  The players look forward to their photos and good luck lines in the Program. 
Good Luck lines and ad space is due by September 5th.
For an ad space in the Program for your Business please contact us here by email



FRIDAY OCTOBER 3rd from 5:00-9:00pm


to benefit the THS Gridiron Club...looking for lots of THS Football supporters to make this a huge success!!! Tickets are $15 each




 The THS Gridiron Club is a group of parent volunteers who work together to support the Taunton High football teams. The following programs are possible only through the efforts of the THS Gridiron Club:

  • Senior Football Jackets
  • Trophies and Plaques
  • Seniors' Night
  • Annual Awards Banquet
  • Team Meals for Players and Coaches
  • Gridiron Scholarship Fund
  • Concession Stand
  • Various Fundraisers including Tiger Golf Tournament

Please help support your child by becoming a member of the THS Gridiron Club. If you'd like to help, but can't attend the meetings, email us at Off-Season meetings dates and times will be posted here.  During the football season, meetings are held at the THS cafeteria immediately following the Thursday night dinners, beginning at approximately 7pm.  Any changes to meeting times will be posted on this website.






Welcome to New England Quality Photography We are a primary source of unique and quality photography serving the New England area with a concentration in Southeastern Massachusetts. Our speciality is sports.  Photos By Mike Borden


 Team Dinner is typically served on Thursday nights to all football players after practice for $1.00.** Dinner is sponsored and served by Senior parents and the Gridiron.  Parents please join us after dinner for the Gridiron meeting for more information on getting involved.


 Link to photos by Paula Cretien:


If you have any Fundraising ideas please email


Games are broadcast on MWL Sports.  Link to see the schedule,

 If you have pictures for our photo gallery, please send them to




Elections were held 2/27/14 and the new Gridiron board is:

President: Connie Fernandez
Co-Vice-Presidents:  Cheri Taje & Candy Gomes
Treasurer: Laurie Boyer
Co-Secretaries: Debbie DaRosa and Sue McLaughlin

Concession Stand Manager: Steve Gomes

Website: Cheri Taje 






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Taunton Football Calendar - Upcoming Events
Local Time: Mon Sep 1 03:27:46 2014
Sep 1, 2014 LABOR DAY OFF
Sep 2, 2014 Practice 3-6
Sep 3, 2014 Practice 3-6
Sep 4, 2014 Practice 3-6
Sep 5, 2014 Varsity Scrimmage Vs. Falmouth 6pm
Sep 6, 2014 TAGGING
Sep 7, 2014 TAGGING
Sep 8, 2014 Practice 3-6
Sep 9, 2014 Practice 3-6
Sep 10, 2014 Practice 3-6
Sep 11, 2014 Practice 3-6
Freshmen Vs. NB 4:00
Sep 12, 2014 Practice 3-6
Sep 13, 2014 Varsity @ NB 1:00 pm
Sep 15, 2014 JV @ NB 4:00






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